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International Fragrance Shop
International Fragrance Shop

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We Distribute the Best Oils and Bottles.

Are you ready to make large profits on your oil and bottle Business?

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Quality and safety above anything

Don't worry. We are here to do this with you, we are your partner in the fragrance oils industry.

Are you struggling finding quality fragrance oils?
Do you want to start selling fragrance oils and make money?
Are struggling to take your fragrance oils business to the next level or expand without the hassles?
Business is never complete without partners, with Great partners, your business becomes great!
Make us your supplier, and we will make sure you have the best delivery experience and grow your fragrance oil business.
What are you waiting for? Apply now to be approve for wholesale and dropshipping within US and Internationally.


Partner With Quality and Value

We are one of the world’s leading custom perfume & fragrances manufacturer companies offering private-label perfumes, natural oils for any beauty and personal care purposes.

At International Fragrance Shop, our experts create original and fresh fragrances for a variety of usages and private label fragrance manufacturers. Our custom scents can practically create a strong and outstanding brand identity for your product or business. As any company in any industry, we know well what our specialty is, we create fragrances or scents. We are a manufacturer, wholesaler, and supplier of fragrances that are used with many products such as beauty care, personal care, home care, and fabric care. Our Fragrances are specially designed for the body, face, hair, colognes, body mists, and lotion, as well as for the home, candles, soaps, laundry detergents, and aromas. Talk to us today!

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